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Why get rich quick business models suck.

My morning coffee inspired today’s topic, so lets get into it. When you set out to evaluate your competition it’s hard not to be drawn to the people/businesses that are doing it so wrong. “I got rich by these 3 simple steps. Download my ebook for $$”. If making money was easy, everyone would be rich! Simple? It is hard work. ‘Work’ being the key word.

As an investor you need to be grounded in reality and understand that realising the full potential of an investment will take time. Some don’t, most do.

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When it comes to investing in property, choosing your location is always first on the agenda. Highlighting the key drivers of the region are critical to the long-term success of the property and spending the time doing the research will pay dividends.

Where do you start?

When looking for a strong candidate always keep an eye on the following:


Nearly every week in the news there is a story on buying your first home. TV segments and articles with headlines like “It’s impossible for Gen Y to afford to buy their own home and always will be” or “Stop your whining, I have bought a property! Let me tell you how.”

So what is the real story behind these bulletins?

The reality is buying your first home won’t be easy, as the first major hurdle is saving the deposit.


In the world of property there are always options available to you. Investing in a traditional established property or a new house and land package has its benefits. A well-researched property will provide you with a good investment if your plan is to reduce debt and rely on capital growth. Nevertheless, sometimes you want something different? A duplex provides this opportunity.


The Reserve Bank of Australia cut the interest rates to 1.75% last Tuesday to a ‘historical low’ but what does that actually mean to you? As of today, all but one of the big four has passed on the 0.25% cut with ANZ deciding for the moment to hold firm. Many second and third tier lenders have remained silent during the last week to the surprise of a few industry experts. The fact remains there has never been a better time to re-look at your finances if you are unhappy with your current lending arrangement or if you just want to know if you have the right deal available to you.


It’s the age-old question - Do you buy an established or brand new property for investment purposes? There are always pros and cons to both but in this blog we will outline the benefits to buying new vs. buying established.

We have whittled it down to three of the biggest factors to consider when buying your next investment property. Its important to note there are more then these three but these points hold the greatest influence.


The terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative gearing’ have been the topic of the country for the last few weeks and will continue to be leading into the election in early July. The effects of these strategies on our economy are being hotly debated right now and the average Australians who use these strategies on a day to day basis are eagerly awaiting clarification on the policy.

So what is the fuss about? Well let’s quickly recap the different types of gearing.