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Why get rich quick business models suck.

My morning coffee inspired today’s topic, so lets get into it. When you set out to evaluate your competition it’s hard not to be drawn to the people/businesses that are doing it so wrong. “I got rich by these 3 simple steps. Download my ebook for $$”. If making money was easy, everyone would be rich! Simple? It is hard work. ‘Work’ being the key word.

As an investor you need to be grounded in reality and understand that realising the full potential of an investment will take time. Some don’t, most do.

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Nothing is quite like budgeting. Not only is it sometimes extremely boring, you begin to wonder if there is any point saving a few bucks here and there. Although it may not seem like it, the answer is a resounding YES! Every dollar you save is another dollar in your pocket and more importantly if you put that dollar into paying extra off your mortgage the results speak for themselves. See the example below.


The word “debt” is not renowned for its involvement in success, although, should it be?

Owing someone money, goods or services is not the best feeling in the world and leaves many of us stressed or overwhelmed by its pressures. The trick is realising when debt can be good for you and when it can be bad.

Bad debt transpires when you borrow money and invest it into a non income-producing asset and/or an asset that decreases over time. Example, buying a car.


Today in the world of investing, the new hot word is Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF).